Solar Thermal

Solar hot water heating systems are reliable, cost-effective, efficient and environmentally friendly. There are a variety of solar water heating systems available. The fundamental principle is the same, however the system differs only in the thermal panel that is used to collect the heat. PPT can advise on the best type of panel to suit your property and your budget.

Solar heating systems integrate easily with existing systems. We are highly experienced in the design and installation of solar panels.

Contact us to discuss how solar hot water heating will work for you.

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Air Source Heat Pumps

ASHP are proven technology that  have been around for years.  Heat pumps simply replace existing gas and oil boilers and connect to existing heating and hot water systems.  It could possibly  run an existing radiator set up and can link to underfloor heating . We can advise on this.

Air Source Heat Pumps have many advantages over traditional boiler systems:
  • Uses renewable energy source 3-5 times more efficient
  • 30 - 50% reduction in CO2 emissions
  • Low running and maintenance costs
  • Low noise and unobtrusive and easy to install
  • No ground work for off gas grid properties
  • Reduces Carbon Emissions to Zero Depending on your choice of heat pump.

Installing heat pumps and renewable systems puts you ahead of the legislation. If you come to sell a home or business premises, it will be far more attractive to purchasers.
Generous grants available for home-owners using government (MCS) accredited installers .  PPT Ltd pride ourselves in being an independent MCS accredited installer

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Biomass Boilers

Biomass is an environmentally friendly and cost effective way of heating your home.

Biomass heating is the production of heat through the use of organic materials like wood. The heat is produced through a combustion process and is used for heating water.

Reasons why we think you should consider biomass:

  • Reduction in heating costs – wood fuel is usually cheaper than other heating option, particularly electricity or heating oil.
  • Financial support – wood biomass boiler systems could qualify for the Renewable Heat Premium Payment and the Renewable Heat Incentive.
  • Significant carbon savings - Although the combustion process of burning wood biomass releases carbon dioxide, this is offset by the CO2 that the tree absorbs during its growth. This means that the biomass heating lifecycle is very low in carbon emissions in comparison to traditional heating sources like heating oil, gas or electricity.
  • Britain is in no way self-sufficient. In fact we import 90% of our energy needs. In addition our nuclear power stations are coming to the end of their productive life and there are as yet no finalised plans to replace them.
  • As a guide, the cost per kWh of delivered heat from a biomass boiler is around 3p - 4p. This compares to 6p - 9p for gas and oil (once boiler efficiency is taken into account).
The capital cost of the initial installation is slightly higher than for a gas or oil-fired boiler. In the long term there are significant savings to be made. 

For properties currently heated by oil or off grid gas, wood biomass can often be a very attractive alternative both in terms of reducing energy costs and lowering carbon emissions.
Underfloor Heating

We have years of experience in installing underfloor heating systems. We've designed and installed underfloor heating systems in many properties, from new build homes through to large town houses and bespoke rural properties.

The heat radiates upwards from the pipes, and is absorbed by the building and furniture inside. As the pipe-work extends through the room it heats up evenly allowing comfort and heat at the temperature required.

When you combine an underfloor heating system with a Heat Pump, you can look to enjoy a great increase in comfort, and a substantial decrease in home heating bills of up to 70%.

Underfloor heating looks better (no ugly radiators), it’s safer (no chance of young children burning themselves), it’s healthier (less of the airborne dust which is particularly harmful for asthma sufferers), it enhances the value of a home and it's maintenance free.

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